The Exscite Eran Tamir is VP operations at Corrigent.
Prior to Corrigent Eran was VP operations for Orckit Communications. Prior to joining Orckit, he who was one of the founders of Wizcom Technologies Ltd., and served as VP operations. Eran has also previously served as Director of Worldwide Logistics of Indigo Ltd. and Director of Acquisitions of Scitex Corporation Ltd.

Corrigent leads a new class of metro-optical transport products that is revolutionary in its economics. Corrigent?s CM-100 is a packet-ADM that fuses together SONET/SDH technologies such as Virtual Concatenation, GFP, and LCAS, with packet technologies such as RPR, Ethernet and MPLS, to evolve today’s SONET/SDH-based transport infrastructure to the next generation packet-based transport network, in both a standards-based and interoperable manner. This breakthrough architecture solves the metro dilemma for service providers worldwide by allowing them to bridge their existing SONET services with next-generation data, voice and video services.
The Israeli Corrigent is based in San Jose, with an R&D center in Israel. Orckit Communications (NASDAQ: ORCT) is the parent company of Corrigent.