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“…Scitex was founded in 1968 by Efraim Arazi, Scitex’s president, and CEO, Arie Rosenfeld joined the company at that time, established Scitex’s European subsidiary headquarters in Brussels in 1974, and went on to become COO (1987) and CEO (1988).

 Scitex’s initial products included a computer based design system for the textile industry and various military projects.

Scitex literally stunned the printing industry in 1979 by introducing the minicomputer-based (HP1000 utilizing a proprietary OS) turnkey Response 300 color prepress system. Instantly beating it’s two main competitors (Hell Graphic Systems and Crosfield Composition Systems Inc.) to market, thereby filling an enormous need, and serving a labor-intensive, and costly niche–gathering graphic elements, correcting color separations, then preparing photographic film of the resulting page to be run on a press. The company’s sales increased and technology improved every year for the next eight and by 1984 sales reached $104 million. Scitex also developed a sister product line, the Response 280 for use by the mapping industry.

In 1995 former Scitex employees established the ExScite website-…”

“…Interesting Side Notes, 1991:
Two instances of unusual and unexpected publicity arrived at Scitex’s doorstep in 1991. The first occurred amidst the Gulf War, when scho
ols shut down throughout Israel. Although a Scud missile landed 1,000 yards from company headquarters, Scitex continued business as usual, and hired 150 teachers to set up makeshift classrooms in a sealed bomb shelter on corporate grounds so parents could still come to work. The second surfaced near the end of the year, in November, when British tycoon Robert Maxwell died mysteriously at sea. His holdings in Scitex were considerable, amounting to some 27 percent of the company stock…”

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