The first product of Scientific Technology (the predecessor of Scitex) was the Kan Akiva– a missile tracking system. Designed and integrated 37 years ago, Kan Akiva included a fantastic collection of technologies, analog electronics, large format reflective optics, high precision mechanics in accurate servo control loop and under radar control. The system was financed by the Israeli defense budget and was delivered to the Israeli army intelligence. It worked in the field for more than 20 years.
The picture was taken atop one of the highest mountains in Israel, Har Meron.
Look at the legs, and the sun tan!!!!.
From left to right: Israel Perl (?), Moshe Broudo, Aharon Nizani. The big white monster in the front is a 12” diameter 5000mm focal length Jonel reflective telescope. Its smaller “brother” purple, on the right, is a Questar 2000mm reflective telescope.
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