Doron Gill

The ExScite Doron Gill is VP R&D at SupportSpace.
Doron Gill has 20 years of experience managing software development. Before joining SupportSpace , Doron was the General Manager of Mercado Software, where he managed the technology center and was an integral part of the company’s growth and before that he was senior VP of R&D for Jacada (NASDAQ: JCDA). Doron served as executive VP of R&D and General Manager of the Tel-Aviv office of Gizmoz, formerly Zapa Digital Arts. He previously held a variety of development management positions with Scitex Corporation.
SupportSpace of Netanya, Israel is an online consumer tech-support company providing users with high quality, easy to use, community based service. Founded in 2006, SupportSpace has developed a unique technology platform designed to address the problems associated with the rapid adoption of new technologies to the home. All experts share one platform for support management and delivery, collaborating with a common knowledge base, shared diagnostic, self-healing and communication tools. SupportSpace marks the advent of a new era in tech support.