In the beginning there was only Itzik Malki.
The flamboyant Italian engineer was the first and only service engineer in Europe at the time. STE has just been established. The service “office” and the entire continent’s spare parts stock was in Itzik’s car’s trunk. He was traveling, putting fires, all over Europe from his base in Italy. And servicing the Scitex equipment in those early 70’s days was very difficult indeed, with unreliable wire-wrapped circuit-boards and very big card cages, not to mention the software which was loaded by paper tape!. He used to submit his expense report for reimbursement about once a year?
In the picture (taken by Aharon Nizani)- Itzik cooks lunch for Bernadette at her home. Bernadette was the first secretary in STE’s office in Brussels (which was located near Garr DeMidi).
Malki is not in the ExScite database and we have lost track of him. If you know is whereabouts, or how to contact him please let me know.