Andre Lamerant has sent us these pictures from France (click for larger view link under the picture to see more).
This Response 200 textile fabric design imaging system was the 3rd to be installed in the world (1975) and the 1st in Europe. The customer was Sublistatic, a French heat transfer paper printing company. The R200 was upgraded to R220 in 1980 and was re-installed along the very first  ELP plotter. It was operated until 1990, then sold to a Belgian company. Sublistatic was closed in early 2007. ( A personal note from Aharon Nizani the ExScite Content Manager: “I was part of the ELP installation team at Sublistatic”).

Andre wrote:
“Back in ’75, I was a young graduate, and was as lucky as to meet Efi who was a very charismatic and visionary manager and engineer. It was Efi’s Kawasaki motorcycle and Scientific American ad era…
I was in training with Moshe Brudo and I keep very good souvenir of this time as the beginning of a digital era in graphics, with only 12 solid color channels.
My memory is alive with lot of names encountered on your web site and who deserve my best regards.”