Gideon Keydar is the CEO of ActiveLinks, a global leader of IP monetization. Simply said, ActiveLinks is working with a number of large patent buyers and is well known in the market for facilitating fast and at highest price sale for patents (IP) owners. Active links has already completed high volumes of patent sales and Gideon is particularly proud of testimonials which include some of the largest US patent law firms, hi-tech companies and private inventors.
If you know seller of IP, write us, it may be worth your while, see website. In private life, Gideon has been divorced for a while and has lost his beard… In addition to ActiveLinks, he is a certified life/business coach, a staff member of a psychological institute and in the last few years “addicted” to ballroom and Latin dancing and “kickboxing”. Gideon Keydar visited me recently. I was amazed (to say the least) when he showed me this and other pictures. He told me, that just like in “Shall We Dance” he passed by Arthur Murray dance school in Raanana and got hooked. In the last US business trip, he visited 10 different “Arthur Murray” clubs in Vancouver, Bay Area and LA. The picture is from a recent competition (Gideon and his Teacher).