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Yea- we have found one for you. Gilat Ovadia who had spent 15 years at Scitex has been the Human Resources Manager at Methoda for the last 8 years.
From 1984 to 2000 Gilat was member of the (then-excellent) HR team at Scitex in Herzlia.
Gilat is also a proud member of the ExScite Group at LinkedIn.

Located in Ramat Gan, Methoda Computers, Ltd. is a privately-owned Israeli company specializing in quality management (QM) for the IT industry.
Thier flagship product MethodA is the leading methodology in Israel for project management, software engineering, systems analysis and quality management. It is a combination of an extensive IT knowledge base and working templates, designed to manage the array of IT activities in an organization, both on the project level and on the organization level.