Joel Stern is currently the only ExScite member in Nanjing China.

Joel represents the Israeli solid-modeling company Solido 3D. The company makes a desk-top “printer”, which is used in the development of model building, utilizing rigid plastic materials and require no post-build curing.

Joel has Emailed us:

I work in a joint venture called Zijin-Lead in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.
I just moved recently to this little city of over 7 million people. My wife will join me soon and this will be our third relocation after Milan and Charlotte, NC. Nanjing in out of probably most tourism routes in China, and actually, there isn’t something special to see here, despite of its ancient and interesting history.
There is no Jewish community here and my wife I and will double the Israeli congregation: there are 2 Israeli students here, who speak, read and write Chinese. The overall foreigners’ population is not so big and most of them are Koreans. It is not easy, the least to say, to live here without knowing the language so we shall have to put some efforts on this issue. This is a new, different, interesting and exciting relocation that, based on my little experience from the two months living here, cannot be compared to any other place we have lived in the past.
Earlier in May I was invited to a dinner with a local family who have identical quadruplets girls, born in regular delivery on the same time. They told me that their birth was announced all over China and they still suffer from journalists and paparazzo. The girls are now 10 years old, excellent students, sing, dance, and speak little English (see picture from the dinner).

Joel Stern