Ron Roszkiewicz’s career in graphic arts, publishing and technology spans 30 years. The first 13 years were spent creating content with positions at the following companies: Woodcraft Supply as Catalog Director in charge of production; Sterling Publishing as book packager, cover photographer, and author; Charles Scribner’s Sons as special interest book program editor; and as consulting editor for Macmillan Publishing and Time-Life Books.

The next 17 years were spent developing technology for graphic arts, prepress and publishing industries. Ron’s introduction to technology began with his inclusion on the seminal Visionary team at Scitex that developed the first desktop to high-end prepress workflow. Subsequent positions included: PostScript lab manager at Xyvision; senior manager for new product development at Dainippon Screen; vice president of engineering at DK&A; and president of metadata tool development company Pound Hill Software. In nearly all of the positions listed above Ron was part of a skunkworks engineering initiative focussed on creating the next generation of products for the parent company.

New book just published: “To Turn The Perfect Wooden Bowl, The Lifelong Quest of Bob Stocksdale” by Ron Roszkiewicz. Fox Chapel Publishing “Valuable for those who make or love crafts.” Library Journal (July 9, 2009)