Ron Roszkiewicz, Scitex 1987-1990, seems to have time on his hands these days and has begun channeling his inconsequential ramblings on a blog called A couple stories tell about Scitex and Photoshop from the perspective of the early days of the Visionary project and Photoshop beta testing. Since the Scitex as we knew it is no more, this information has since been declassified from Top Secret to Who Cares but to those of us who remember. Anyway no one will lose their job over the barrels of used film experiments.
Check out “Photoshop Tales: The Silk Screening Episode”. Others are in the works.
Also published: “To Turn The Perfect Wooden Bowl, The Lifelong Quest of Bob Stocksdale” by Ron Roszkiewicz. Fox Chapel Publishing “Valuable for those who make or love crafts.” Library Journal (July 9, 2009).