Israeli volume measurement innovator APM (APM Automation Solutions Ltd.) -home to several Scitex veterans

APM’s patented level and volume measurement technology is being applied to a broad spectrum of industries – food and beverages, power, plastics, chemicals, aggregates and cement, metals – where effective production management, process and inventory control are important bottom-line considerations. Scitex veterans
hold key management positions with the company, including Uzi Ish-Hurwitz who has been the firm’s active Chairman from the very beginning, CFO Yossi Rahima and Executive Sales Director EMEA Mordi Perl.
Founded in 2005 by Mordi’s son, APM CEO Ofir Perl and CTO Yossi Zlotnick, the company introduced its flagship product, the 3DLevelScanner?, in 2007. This milestone represented a new approach to accurately measuring the
volume of bulk solid materials stored inside silos, open bins and large warehouses while providing 3D mapping of the surface of the contents. APM’s offerings include inventory-savings solutions for a range of industrial applications across multiple sites that meet the needs of corporate as well production managers. APM products are sold and supported by a network of distributors in Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific and elsewhere.

Other connections to Scitex include Board member Eli Davidai, APM’s Regional Sales Manager Adi Goldman (son of Scitex’s Yaron Goldman), and consultants Dan Zetland (marcom services), Dana Kontes (human resources) and Shelagh
 (marketing). APM’s VP Business Development Eyal Cohen worked part-time at Scitex while he was a student, and Scitex vet Israel Amir managed the mechanical design team at ARAN for the first model of the 3DLevelScanner.
In the picture (from left to right): Yossi Rahima, Eli Davidai, Uzi Ish-Hurwitz, Ofir Perl, and Mordi Perl.