DalyaArazinet.com is an aspiring startup company, founded by Dalya Arazi in 2011.

The company focuses on advanced technological  solutions that operate within online social media outlets, including mobile, social video and digital printing.

The Exscite Dalya Arazi– Founder and CEO of DalyaArazinet. An entrepreneur with a rich background in Project-Management in high-tech companies and software security in the global digital print industry.

Dalya is experienced in establishing broad infrastructures and managing a products life cycle.  Possess analytical skills that allow her to identify the needs of end-user both from the marketing aspect and Quality.

Studied Business management in Derby University.

Happily married to Efi Arazi, raising cats, birds and a dog. Dalya adores art design, styling and photography.
She is a “woman of the new social media world”and loves interacting with people.