Type: Bitmap
Extension: CT, LW, BM, PG, and TX
Version: April 1988
Compression: None and RLE
Color Depth: 1-bit to 128-bit
Maintainer: Scitex Corporation
Specification: Howard White

The most well-known of the HandShake formats is Scitex CT (continuous tone). This format may store from 1 to 16 8-bit color separations (color planes). Typical CT files store four separation of CMYB image data. Adobe Photoshop is an application that is commonly used to create Scitex CT image files. The other HandShake formats include LW (linework, 16 color separations, 255 color maximum), BM (bitmap, 1-bit RLE image data), PG (page layout), and TX (textual typesetter data). Of these formats, PG and BM have not been fully implemented by Scitex and may not be in general use elsewhere.

The Scitex HandShake data formats and data exchage protocols are described in the following document:

HandShake Foreign File Transfer Protocol, Scitex Corporation, Ltd.,
Revision A: April 1988, Document No. 788-37898A, Catalog No. 399Z37898