Scitex Response 250 
R250_280System with raster data scanning, editing, and plotting capability. Was used by all the big national mapping institutes worldwide, Just to mention the big USA ones: AAA, National Geographic, USGS, CIA…

The Scitex system components include a scanner, a color design console, and a laser plotter, each with a HP 21MX E  host processor.

The scanner and design console are used for data capture. The scanner is a drum-type raster scanner capable of digitizing sheets up to 36 inches by 36 inches in size at resolutions between 4 and 47 points per millimeter (.25 and .02 millimeters) at a speed of 130 revolutions per minute. The design console, used to interactively edit the raster data, is composed of a color CRT, a digitizing tablet with pen cursor, and a function keyboard. The design console also carries an extensive set of system batch-edit commands. While the Scitex has solved the problem of time and cost- efficient contour data collection.