Scitex won the prestigious Industrial Research IR-100 award for the ELP in 1977.

The Electronic Laser Plotter (priced at $125,000) was the most advanced and the biggest (1m x 1.8m) drum film plotter in the world. The plotter has been sold for more than 10 years into 4 main applications:
Geophysics research,   Engineering graphics/PCB design,   Cartography/mapping and   graphic arts/pre-press.

The development team was headed by the principle engineer, Assa Bar Lev.

The Award ceremony took place at the museum of science in Chicago on Oct. 1977. Scitex was represented by Aharon Nizani (who came over wearing his best [rental] tuxedo…).

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The 1977 article at the Industrial Magazine (now renamed R&D Magazine):

Nizani.Elp.1977 ELP_Award_IR100A_1977 ELP_Award_IR100B_1977