What is this ExScite thing?


For more than 30 years, Scitex former employees have populated key positions in several strategic high-tech industries. Walking around in trade shows, reading industry magazines, running at airport terminals or just plainly looking for connections, you are almost certain to bump into an ex-Scitex person. The ExScite Web site was designed to provide all of us with a good personal networking tool in Cyberspace, free of time and geography limitations.

The ExScite Mission

The ExScite is a non-profit organization established by, and for, the employees of Scitex, who are no longer with the company. Its mission is to establish and maintain an up-to date database in Cyberspace, accessible by the members around the world, for their own use. As Scitex goes through the business cycles, current employees can also rely on ExScite to support them with information and connections, as they plan their next career move.

What’s in it for you?

The ExScite network can be useful when one is looking for further career move opportunities or for establishing personal/business contacts with other members.

Here are just a few examples where the association with ExScite is very valuable

  • Looking for a job at a specific company.
  • Obtaining information about a certain competitor.
  • Getting some “inside” contacts to sell your products.
  • Establishing a consulting business? ExScite networking is the place to start from.
  • Looking to do business with, and want to have the background scoop on a company.
  • Need a reference on specific product, service, software, consultant etc.
  • Get reliable reference on people you want to hire.
  • Get reference for yourself when applying for a new job.
  • Just plainly keep in touch.

How does it work

Members database can be accessed via the Internet. People are invited to REGISTER themselves directly into the database. Don’t worry, it is very easy.
The members database is maintained and frequently updated by the database committee.
The ExScite Web Site will be maintained up to date by a group of volunteers in Cyberspace. The member database integrity will be frequently monitored.

ExScite Web Page- the content includes

  • ExScite database: Members list.
  • Scitex/ExScite News
  • Gossip section
  • Nostalgia section

If you have any suggestions of other content that should be placed on the ExScite site. Please let us know at [email protected]

Membership Criteria

In order to be qualified as a Kosher Alumni, you have to have worked for Scitex, or for one of its legitimate subsidiaries.