Shelagh Hammer has recently been appointed Director of Corporate Marketing RiT Technologies Ltd. Prior to RiT, Shelagh was with Emblaze Systems and before that she had served as VP Information and Marketing Services at CreoScitex in Herzlia, Israel. Prior to that, she filled a number of marketing positions at Scitex, for a total of […]

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Shmuel Dekel

A 22 years veteran of STCL / STA / STE & STN and a brief session in Karat Digital Press Shmuel Dekel has recently joined the Israel Electric Company (IEC) in the GIS section (Geographic Information Systems). The Israel Electric Company is the electric utility monopol in Israel and one of the largest companies […]

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Eric Freer is the VP Sales and Marketing, of VersaMed, Inc. Eric was at Scitex America and later VP of Internet Technology and Digital Graphic Imaging at Stewart Laurence Associates. The privately held company VersaMed Inc. of Rochelle Park NJ is a developer and manufacturer of intelligent medical ventilation systems. The company’s flagship product, […]

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An ExScite with an 8 year pedigree,
Dominic Duffy
(Ex-STE) has created
Applecart Solutions in London. The new company will provide bespoke
solutions for publishers and corporate clients.
They  have formed an exclusive distribution deal with Olive Software (based
in Denver and Kfar Saba). More details are contained in the articles, which have
been recently published […]

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Shmuel (Sam) Netzer – is the VP Operations of IP-Planet. Shmuel joined IP Planet on July 2002. Previously, he worked for Vio worldwide in the UK as Director of Operations and COO Vio North America, establishing the company’s network and server infrastructure worldwide. Vio was a joint venture between Scitex and the giant British […]

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Sasson Shemesh, the former VP customer support at Creo and Scitex America in Boston and two of his colleagues have bought ITNH, a company which had been founded by another ExScite- Mike Pelletier. Sasson has been working at Scitex for 15 years and two and half years for Creo. Improved Technologies of Tilton, NH […]

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Another energetic ExScite-based startup!!! Varyframe of
Netanya was founded by 3 veterans of Scitex/Aprion earlier this year.


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 Lior D. Ma’ayan, is the Chief Executive Officer of the medical instrumentation company Orsense. Lior was formerly EVP Corporate development and Chief Operating Officer of Compugen (NASDAQ:CGEN) and served in several positions with Scitex corporation (currently NASDAQ:CREO), both in Israel and in Brussels, and lastly as a managing director of a division. Prior to […]

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Dr. Shuki Sheinman is the founder and CTO of the Scitex held inkjet company Jemtex. In a career spanning over 20 years, Shuki has developed advanced systems and managed R&D and engineering teams for leading hi-tech enterprises and organizations, including NASA, Scitex Israel, Cubital and El-Op. Jemtex of Lod, Israel was founded in 1995, […]

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